Wednesday, 1 May 2013

First day

Well as usually happens with these things, departing took place at 2:15, instead of noon.

By the time i had cleaned up the condo, packed the stuff i wasn't taking into my car, and packed up my bike, i was over two hours past when i thought i would leave.  My plan had been to try and make it to Montreal, and across the border.  Instead i am just past Kingston.
One lesson i learned from my last trip, is if you pass a campground slightly earlier than you had planned to stop, do it anyway.  As it turns out i found a fabulous spot to make my first camp.  So thanks to a late start, and about 5 miles of construction traffic, that took an hour to drive through, i only did about 275kms today.  So an early night, and and whole day tomorrow to make up for it.  Not back for a Blackberry picture eh???:

I was so exhausted and tired last night I couldn't finish my update.  I am now back in the land of wifi, so I will continue. Before I left I went to MEC and got a dozen or so freeze dried dinners, since I was hoping to camp a lot, and I am now two for two.  last nights dinner was Thai Satay with Beef.  The first mouthful was really good, then each after that just went down hill, til I couldn't finish it!!  I also didn't notice when I bought them that they say serves two on the package..... 

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  1. "On the road again!" Congratulations, but don't set out to "make up for it" tomorrow. Just take it easy.