Thursday, 16 May 2013

To Zion!!

Today was a slow paced day, partly my choice, partly not.  I headed out from Page AZ after a lateish breakfast.  Lateish in the sense that as soon as I crossed the Utah border the time jumped forward an hour!  Apparently Arizona doesn't believe in Day Light Savings!!!

A light day riding, the first goal was to get to Zion National Park, a leisurely 200kms away.  Unfortunately most of the Japanese tourists that were in Antelope Canyon yesterday seemed to have headed to Zion today....huge bus loads of them.  That and the only road going in is single lane, and no passing allowed!  To be honest Zion was a bit of a disappointment.  The road isn't very long, or terribly scenic.  It does have a couple of redeeming points though: there is the longest tunnel I have ever been in in my life, 1.1 miles!!!  Very cool... and there is a brief stretch of road that does a bunch of switchbacks like The Moki Dugway.

The parking lots were COMPLETELY full, so after squeezing my bike into a parking spot with another bike I headed for the Visitors Center, also packed... By now it is after noon, the temperature is getting up there, so between the crowds and the heat I beat a hasty retreat.  By the time I got back to the main highway it was 2pm.  I had contemplated heading off to see Bryce Canyon, but my GPS tells me it is 100kms away.

I had passed through Kanab on my way to Zion and it seemed like a great little town, like an updated little village, with cool coffee shops and Victorian hotels.  One of the campgrounds just as you entered town was The Crazy Horse Campground!!!  Having already stayed in a Crazy Horse Campground I thought it was a sign I should stay here too!  So back to Kanab I headed leaving Bryce Canyon for tomorrow.  Hopefully it won't be very busy, and I already know the road going through it is longer than today.

A couple shots from today:

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