Monday, 20 May 2013

Almost there....

So with only one thousand kms to get to Vancouver I decided to take two days to do it rather than have one huge riding day. So a 60/40 split should work as I have to get through the border on the last day.

It was a perfect day for riding:  cool, calm and barely a cloud in the sky!  An hour into the day I overcame the lure of passing an A&W and dropping in for breakfast.  You can tell when you get back to civilization when you finally see a Starbucks!  I couldn't resist the siren call of a Grande Latte!  There are quite a few well known stereotypes for Harley riders, the most well known for BMW riders is that they hang out at the local Starbucks!!  So who am I to go against tradition?

I had been told that all gas stations in Oregon are full serve, so I thought I would try and hold out until I got to Washington state to get gas.  I missed my goal by one mile!!!  I had to stop 1 mile from the state line as I had been on reserve for a while: 445km and 6.45 gallons into my 7 gallon tank!!!  It turns out the next gas station wasn't for another 40kms so I am glad I quit when I did!!

I have never been through western Washington before.  I was amazed at the number, and size of the vineyards I passed.  It reminded me of the Okanagan, or even Napa Valley.

So I am now half a day from ending my trip.  I am looking forward to not having to figure out where to sleep, what restaurant to eat in, and what the weather is going to throw at me today!

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