Thursday, 9 May 2013

Live and learn

A very long, hot, and exhausting day.  10 hours riding, and just under 900 kms!!!

After waking up outside Chattanooga Tennessee, I rode southwest into and across Alabama.  Straight across Mississippi,  into Arkansas, then south into Louisiana.  I chose a route  across to the point where  Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi meet.  It wasn’t the fastest route as it was a secondary highway not an interstate.

The lesson learned today was that if you have a choice to take an interstate do so!  Most 3 number “highways” such as the 164 that I chose run through small towns of 350 to 750 people.  That means no campgrounds, no motels, and usually no gas stations!  In fact the entire way across Mississippi I didn’t see a single campground!!  Driving through small towns I was amazed at the devastation the US economy has wreaked.  Houses and businesses vacant everywhere.  Stripped down to the brick shell, everything from the windows, plumbing, wiring removed.

When I got low on gas I checked my GPS like usual to find the nearest one: 50kms away!!!  After driving through 3 small towns with the gas stations derelict I was getting worried.  I started looking for a place to stay the night at 5pm, and was 100 miles away from anything remotely looking like a hotel room!  By 8pm I finally reached a good sized city just as the rain started!!  After having dinner and checking on the internet situation I discovered I had gained an hour by crossing the Mississippi!!  Whoo Hooo!  Does that mean I only rode for 9 hours?????  Wow my average speed is pretty good then!!!

So my GPS now has Carlsbad New Mexico plugged in, some 1300kms away.  So hopefully in two days I should be at the next interesting stage of my trip.

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