Friday, 3 May 2013

Berin, to Paris, to Portsmouth in 4 hours!!

Friday May 3rd

Let’s see Top Gear UK beat that!!!  Let’s just not mention that it wasn't Berlin Germany, Paris France and Portsmouth UK, it was Berlin New Hampshire, Paris Maine, and Portsmouth New Hampshire.  After having looked at the map, and needing to make my way into Maine, I figured why not, it looked like a fun route.  Well Berlin had no Germanic influences, Paris no French, they might as well have been called Smallville, and Whoville.

It was a fabulous morning riding through the White Mountains under a cool but sunny sky.  How cool was it:

That is the Mount Washington Resort, and that, along with all the surrounding ski hills, still had snow.  It was one of those days when you can’t figure out if you are warm or cold.  Every half hour or so I would think “ gee it’s a bit chilly I should pull over and put my liners in my jacket and pants.”  Then it seems to warm up a bit so you don’t.  Then half an hour later you go through it all again.

I chose Route 1 as opposed to I95 since on the map it looked like it ran along the coast.  Well after 2 hours on it I and still not seeing, or smelling the ocean, I decided in a small picturesque town in Maine called Ogunquit to hang a left towards the water:

A final viewing of the Atlantic Ocean!!  By now it was 4pm, so wanting to make it to Portsmouth I continued on.  Well now that I was on the edge of the water it got really cold, and every camp site I passed was closed.  I checked one newly opened for the season Motor Hotel, and it was the bargain price of $120 a night!!  Ok it was across the street from the beach, but come on.....  So after checking my GPS I backtracked north and checked out two more campsites, both closed!  I found myself at 6pm back in Ogunquit, and a motel on the main strip had a sign $59!!  Whooo Hooo I am in.  And cold....
So after a long hot shower I figured when in Maine:

I know I am really roughing out here.....  It not not as crappy a picture as it seems... it was so hot and steamy it fogged up my Blackberry lens!!  Well the Motel had free wifi, but 1980’s dial up technology.  So slow I gave up on it and typed my update in Word to post later.  Pretty sad when you get better wifi in a tent in the woods than in a motel room in town!!!

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