Monday, 29 April 2013

The Tobinators are here! The Tobinators are here!

Doesn't quite have the same ring as "The Russians are coming", but it made me VERY happy.

What are Tobinators you ask.... they are a wonderful piece of bracketry that allow my fixed windshield to adjust to an infinite(might have to check with the math dad on that) number of heights and angles.  It allows you to find the sweet spot that you need to ride in a calm wash of air, instead of a buffeting maelstrom that causes  migraines, blurred vision etc....

The reason I was so happy was I ordered them from a guy in Waco Texas on the 11th of April.  According to the wonderful folks at Canada Post's website I determined the package arrived in the Mississauga customs office on the 19th, and is still there!  Fortunately the website was wrong, and the package arrived with two days to spare.

So having made the rounds at the office today saying at least a temporary good bye, it is finally starting to feel like the beginning is near.


  1. Congratulations! Let the unfettered countdown begin.

  2. "Infinite": if you can move continuously through the range of motion for the windscreen, the word does apply. If you move from one position to the next by a "little click" (math-tech-speak, sorry) no matter how tiny, then you have misused the term. I trust that clears it up! BTW Can I use the "MathDad" nom-de-plume?

  3. Yup, no "clicks" when adjusting the windshield. just a smooth range of play, but there is only so much distance it can move. Yes you can use MathDad.