Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Der weg ist das ziel......

I have BMW Motorrad t-shirt with that expression on the back.  It roughly translates to "the journey is the destination".  When riding a motorcycle long distance cross country, it isn't so much where you end up, as the experience along the way.

The places that I stopped at and took the time to visit were fantastic.  I saw everything that I wanted, and visited everywhere I had planned.  Due to the time of year and the weather the time I spent between locales was as brief as possible.  If I was traveling with  someone else I might have chosen a different timeline, but for me it worked.

In the end I rode 11,098kms, I had estimated 10,000kms, not including side trips, so my guess was right on.  The length turned out to be 21 days instead of a month, but mostly due to my speed between waypoints.

So the before and after pannier map photos are:

One new province, Quebec, and 20 new US states!!!!!

After my last trip I said that I had thoroughly enjoyed it but that I would never do another one.  Obviously in hindsight that was a rash decision.  This time I know that I will do another trip, in fact I already have one in mind: either a trip to the top of Alaska, or a Alaska, Yukon, and North West Territory loop!!  If I end up staying in Vancouver there will be another trip in the Fall, and one not nearly as fun: driving across Canada in U-Haul...... wow is that something to look forward to????

My favorite places are still Utah and Arizona, especially the area of Page and Moab.  I would go back there again, for sure.  Some of the cities I bypassed, like Boston I think are a better weekend destination to see the life downtown.

My motorcycle performed phenomenally, and the new tires I put on before I left still have some life left in them which is very surprising.  I am currently typing on my new laptop, a brand spanking new Samsung, light, thin, and very fast.  The hard drive on the previous Dell was retrievable, as it turns out it was the mother board that got shaken to pieces.  So I was able to transfer all my valuable data over.  I will be much more careful with this one in the future!!

Thanks to everyone that followed with me through my blog.  Take care, and drive safe!

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