Thursday, 2 May 2013

Decisions and their consequences.

An early rise this morning, oatmeal and coffee for breakfast.  That was a good decision.

I crossed the border into the USA at a small unknown crossing called Noyan.  I drove right up as no-one else was there, and no-one showed up the whole time I was getting my US temporary visa. Yes I am still a Brit, one of these days I will succumb to becoming a Canadian.... Across the border you drive down the Lake Champlain byway, absolutely gorgeous!!!  Another couple of good decisions.

Not stopping as a I drove by a campsite at 3pm as the rain was starting to sprinkle, bad decision.

Putting on my rain suit, over my riding gear, for rain that never appeared, so wore a sauna suit, bad decision.

Shortly after putting on said rain suit, coming across more construction, and being forced to park my bike for 20 minutes waiting for the road to open, still wearing rain gear, still not raining, consequences to earlier bad decision.

By 5:30 I have now driven by the only two campsites enroute, and they are still closed for the winter.  So continuing on riding, by 5:30 I finally find a campsite, still not raining, and have now ridden just over 600kms today.  Once again consequences of earlier bad decisions.

So I am in the forest, at the Crazy Horse campsite, I have wifi, and electricity to power my laptop, and just had a delicious Honey Lime Chicken for dinner.  Having ridden into Quebec, Vermont, and now New Hampshire, I am now going to go and put another 3 decals on my pannier.  A long, hot day, but in the end not too bad.

So with a grain of salt I learned today: decisions, whether they are good or bad, are usually only proven one way or the other after the passage of time.  You make them at the time, based on your best judgment, and try to learn when you are wrong.

BTW I updated my previous post, now I am better hooked up to the internet.


  1. Less than a 1000 miles to the infamous Tail of the Dragon route in NC. Enjoy the Appalachians and the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is supposed to be stunning.
    I wonder if you are getting Spring greens on all the deciduous trees en-route?
    Ride well.

  2. It would be stunning if the fog lifted and you could see further than 50m in front of you!!