Sunday, 19 May 2013

From salt to potatoes

I woke up a bit later than I had hoped but I was still out the door by 6:30am!  I headed back to the Salt Flats to catch pictures of the sunrise.  Unfortunately my hope that it had dried out over night was proved wrong.  It turns out there had been another rain storm during the night, so it was good that I had been in a hotel room, instead of the KOA down the street.

Taking photos into a sunrise is not the easiest thing.  I should have taken them at dusk last night, but the storm got in the way:

After a quick departure from the hotel, as another storm system looked like it was moving in, I headed out, destination Boise Idaho.  My dad's cousin Susan and her husband Mark had invited me to stop by if my route took me into the neighbourhood.  Sue had a preplanned  family picnic, so asked if I wanted to tag along.  It was great seeing people that I hadn't seen in years and a few little ones I had never met.

So after a discussion on the possible routes to take to get to Vancouver, I have decided to take the faster interstate route, instead of the twice as long scenic route.  So with 1000kms to go I should be there in two days time.

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