Sunday, 28 April 2013


So I have had a couple of people ask what BMWGSEH stands for, not being up to date on BMW nomenclature and my sense of humor.  The BMW part is obvious.  The GS an acronym for the German Gelände Strasse, off road/on road, or all roads.  The upgraded version of a BMW GS is the Adventure model, which adds all sorts of upgrades: suspension, crash bars, fog lights, 30L gas tank, one piece seat, larger windshield etc....  The GS Adventure is commonly called a GSA, or in my case the Canadian version GS Eh!  It should probably be called a GSA eh, but even the toque heads would find that a bit redundant.

To make the bike even more Canadian I just attached a hockey puck to the bottom of the side stand!!!
 (to mitigate the lean angle a bit). 

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