Monday, 1 July 2013

Full Circle.

Well as some of you know things didn't work out as planned.  Conversations with Vancouver started after my house went up for sale in January.  When I was in Vancouver in March for my parents 50th wedding anniversary I went in to our Vancouver office to make sure all was still ok.  The IT department was also informed when I set out May 1st.  My journey out to the West Coast was faster than expected, so I arrived a week early.  Even so I was a bit surprised when going into the office and discovering nothing had been done to set up for my arrival.  In fact they weren't even sure there was actually enough room for me.

I am a commission employee, so when I am on vacation I don't have any income.  So 3 weeks on the road, and 2 weeks in Vancouver waiting around for my IT department to do the monumental task of putting 2 computers on a desk was my limit.  Knowing I still had my computers on my desk in Toronto, I made a heart wrenching decision to ride back to Toronto.  So after a very painful departure from my parents I headed out first thing Thursday morning, and rode 4500 kms in four days!!!  I arrived in Toronto Sunday evening, and was back at my desk Monday morning. 

My route was the fastest, most direct, line possible across the top of the USA.  So the silver lining was I rode through a bunch of States I didn't think I would, and got to fill them in on my map:

So the ride out there, 11,000 kms in 3 weeks was fantastic.  The ride back, 4500 kms in 4 days was absolutely brutal!!!!  Not something I want to repeat ever again!!!  I think my days were: 1000kms, 1250 kms, 1250kms and 1000kms.  Most days were 11 or 12 hours riding, and heading East you lose an hour a day crossing time zones......

So after a chaotic few weeks of scrambling to find a place to live, including spending 2 weeks at a Bed & Breakfast in The Beach, I am now safely ensconced in a rental condo a block from the water, and beach volleyball mecca, (at least in Toronto) in The Beach.  

There was quite a startling difference in reception here at work compared to Vancouver: all my 5 computer monitors were covered in "Welcome Home Dom" signs!!!

So that is the end.  16,300 kms of riding over 4 weeks, give or take a day.  My plans to ride to Alaska have been put in hold, maybe the East Coast..... while I am still out here.....                                                                                                                       

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